The Powerpuff Girls Movie Review: Childhood Looks So Good

by Devina

I turned on the TV and found the Powerpuff Girls the Movie, which I had never seen before.

Well, isn’t that strange?

So it started with the Professor creating Blossoms, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three super girls with powers of Kryptonian.

Professor was happy that he got three daughters, and he made sure that he could be the best father.

Unaware of the potential damages the girls could cause, Professor enrolled them to kindergarten. And later on, during a game of tag, the girls ended up destroying the whole city and attracting attention as monsters.

At night, Professor told the girls to not use their powers in public, because they were the city’s most hated.

The day after, Professor dropped the girls off at school and was summoned for the girls’ damages in the city.

The Professor was arrested for his creation, and the girls were treated like monsters at school.

Upset that Professor never picked them up from school, and having swore to not use their powers, the girls ended up walking home alone. However, since they had never walked around the city before – only flying – they got lost and were found by Jojo.

Jojo told the girls that he too was a monster and that he had a plan to make the city better. He told them that people would love them when the project was complete.

The girls wanted to be loved so much that they decided to help Jojo with his project.

The project was however, to clone primates they found at the city zoo, and turn them into an army to corner the civilians and take over the city.

The moment the girls went home, they were greeted by the Professor who got out of prison, and they were excited to tell their father that, “You will be so proud of us” with the Jojo project they had helped accomplish.

The next day, as the girls took Professor downtown, they realized that Jojo had created an army to attack the civilians and the girls were seen as the criminals who helped Jojo.

Heartbroken, the girls flew out of space and cried until they heard Professor’s cry of help.

Then, as we all predicted, the girls saved the day.

They decided to use their powers to fight Jojo and his clones, and save the city.

In the end, the Mayor of Townsville asked the girls if he could call them whenever he needed their help.

And that was how the girls’ journey began.

The characterization was on point, the depth explored well. It was a simple cartoon, and I wouldn’t complain about its animation or illustration.

The dialogues were funny, and the flow in the writing was well done. Nothing too cliche happened, and I was happy.

8/10. I loved this movie. I was surprised by how mature and well written it was, that I had to give it an 8. Childhood has never looked this good.


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