The nothing personal – personal Thought 

A lot of the times people hurt you not because they want you to feel pain. 

But it’s because they’re putting themselves first. 

Those who yell at you for no reason, they’re battling something else and unfortunately releasing the anger your way. 

Those who break your heart, they’re protecting theirs. 

Those who leave you in the dark, they’re saving themselves from guilt and pain. 

It doesn’t mean they hate you. It means they love themselves and put themselves first. 

Not everyone can think of “what would make everyone happy” every day. 

And making everyone happy is never a good idea. Except if everyone wants the same thing, like cheese pizza on a movie night. 

Sometimes you don’t have to take it personally. 

It’s not about you. 

It’s about them. 

And you should not run around the city crying wolf because you’re just an affected third party. 

As much as you want it to be, it’s nothing personal against you. 

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