A Decent Setback

For the first time, sleep didn’t make my resolve right

I feel on the wrong but I can’t truly recall why and if I truly was

Did the others concur with my thoughts?

Or did my radical view of things brought about by my sub-cious due to lack of sleep make them turn their backs?

Either the way, I reflect on myself and a terrible sadness drowns my thoughts

Along with what I should have done right at the moment

Shutting up will have been an appropriate respond, though it seemed it would have proven weakness

But better weakness and comfort than regret in its entirety

Right? …

Well…. it’s certainly going to take my divided attention on nonsense to disregard this setback

And not to forget proper –  reflection on my priorities in the general sphere


I am tired but exhaustion isn’t yet at my door

By Daniella D


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