Kingsman: the Golden Circle

The Kingsman team returned, and this time, sadder than ever.

A year after Harry Hart died, Eggsy has become the new Galahad, working side by side with Lancelot and Merlin.

He also started dating Princess Tilde, apparently, after giving it to her in the back last year when he saved her from Valentine. They were going strong, and Tilde wanted to settle down with Eggsy.

Unfortunately, a secret organization that was funded by its drugs sales wanted Kingsman gone. So they sent Charlie, a rejected Kingsman applicant whose life Eggsy saved unintentionally during the Valentine fiasco, to track down Eggsy and the Kingsman mansion.

Luckily for Eggsy, he was having dinner with Tilde’s parents when the Golden Circle sent missiles to every Kingsman agent’s place and blew every agent, including Lancelot, up.

Even Eggsy’s pug, JB, didn’t make it. My heart could not take it.

So with only Eggsy and Merlin left, Kingsman had to go with doomsday protocol. So they ended up going to their cousin organization: Statesman in Kentucky.

The duo found the Statesman’s headquarter, and discovered that last year, they had saved Harry and kept him there due to his amnesia. Eggsy and Merlin tried to get Harry to remember them, but Harry’s memories of his life after he got into military were gone.

Later on, Eggsy was paired up with agent Whiskey (Pedro Pascal. YAY) to get a tracker inside a Golden Circle member. I hated that scene and I would never want to see it again.

Things took a horrible turn when the drugs the Golden Circle sold (literally everything people took when they got stressed out) give people incurable disease that would kill them if they didn’t get the cure.

The head of the Circle, Poppy, would release the cure to everyone infected, as long as the president legalized all the drugs. She also had Elton John hostage, keeping him in colorful costumes, playing piano and singing for her entertainment.

There were too many things going on in this movie. I didn’t know what to focus on, and whom I should be paying attention to.

Everyone had his or her own story that it got somewhat ridiculous. And the way women were used as plot devices in this movie just outraged me. Of course I stayed throughout the whole movie because I love Pedro Pascal.

I also love Mark Strong as Merlin. He’s been my favorite since the first movie.

Visually, this movie is stunning. That part I cannot complain about. And Elton John made me so happy in this piece. He was the one thing that kept me interested. Poppy was such a fun character as a villain, and it was disappointing how her exit was handled. I guess they had to make more room for other things to happen.

The action was nothing less than expected, and it made me happy. However, this movie gave no room for grief. People died, left and right, and the story went on as if nothing had happened. It was understandable since the characters were agents who had to put mission first before anything else; however, it got a little bit cold after awhile.

Emotions are always great tools to get audiences engaged, and this movie somehow lost them.

Kingsman: the Golden Circle is a 7/10 from me. It’s a beautiful movie, stunning even, but it certainly gave me a lot of headache.

Sometimes, simple is better.

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